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Product Review: The Medusa Drop Away Rest from Bowfinger Archery

Product Review: The Medusa Drop Away Rest from Bowfinger Archery

In 2010 I bought my first top of the line bow, a BowTech Destroyer 340. I finally made the jump and considering I was already into it for about $1000, I wasn’t about to hold back on the site and rest. The guy at the shop set me up with a nice 3-pin site and drop away rest.

Now I’m not looking to bash the rest he installed that day. I shot it through two deer and three turkey seasons and was lucky enough to kill a few or more of each. And if you bought a new bow around the same time I did, especially a BowTech, chances are you’ve been shooting the same rest. It was a decent drop away at a manageable price point at the time.

However, I always had a couple of issues with it. The first was that the arrow drag across its shelf was loud. That told me two things: deer in close were going to hear it and it was slowing my arrow down. Strike one and strike two.

The other issue was its arrow containment. The shelf was very shallow. This resulted in having arrows fall off in a wide variety of shooting scenarios, be it at the range, on the 3D course, in the stand or on the stalk. I noticed the newer models of the rest have addressed this, even adding an arm across the top. For this model however it was strike three!

Fast forward to the Medusa from Bowfinger Archery. While touted as easy to install, I took it to the shop. I’ve never installed my own rest and wasn’t sure about dealing with timing so I took it to a pro. From what I could surmise from watching him, it was fairly easy to install.

Moving from the shop to the range though is where I started to notice the difference. I went to the range with sound and arrow containment at the forefront of my mind. I knew where the other rest was letting me down and I wanted to see how this one compared.

The material differences of the shelf are apparent. The arrow slides with less friction so even shooting without the felt attached there was less noise from arrow drag. Once you add the custom cut felt I can’t imagine anything quieter. Albeit simple, including the felt was a very nice touch that I certainly appreciated as well. Just more proof that Bowfinger “thought of everything” in producing and packaging this rest.

The design of the shelf is very efficient. While Bowfinger stops short of including the arm across the top there is no way you will lose your arrow in a realistic shooting situation. In my opinion, if you need the arm across the top to keep your arrow on the rest you’ve got bigger issues to be concerned about.

The truth is, you can make a strong case for almost any rest on the market today especially when you get into the Medusa’s $100 price point. I’ve found a lot to like about this rest but maybe more telling, I haven’t found anything I don’t like. If you are in the market for a new rest I would definitely recommend the Medusa from Bowfinger Archery.

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